The Fudginess of Things
Title: The Fudginess of Things
Client: Start-up businesswoman
Jobs: Website and Logo
Software: Weebly, Illustrator and Photoshop
Gina has been baking cakes and fudges and selling them in her hometown. She wanted to set up a website but needed some help. I have built the website based on her specs and colour scheme which was 'shocking pink', 'lime green' and 'fudge brown'!

The challenge was to make an engaging website that sells her cakes on-line using the colour schemes given.

Gina loved the website and asked me to design the logo based on her favourite baker. I had made circles, diamonds and hearts for her ideas. She road tested these ideas in her Facebook page and asked her fans to pick the best one since like most of the design ideas.

Logo Design

Web Version

Mobile Version